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From a young age, Mackenna Swann knew that she had a gift inside her. She was shy as a child and only sang to herself in her bedroom, where no one could hear her. She knew, however, that this gift needed to be shared and she would in fact, share it.

Mackenna was diagnosed at age eleven with a rare bone condition in her knees and was told that she may never be able to walk again. A large portion of her childhood was spent in a wheelchair, where she learned the depths of physical pain, faith, and placing trust in God. While Mackenna was in a wheelchair for those years, she turned to music for escape. When she was finally standing after three years, Mackenna was ready to share her gift with the world. She fell in love with playing piano and found a deep well of passion in singing, discovering that this was what she wanted to do for the rest of her life: inspire others and share her talents.

In 2018, Mackenna attended Belmont University to further pursue her talents of singing & songwriting. She recorded and wrote songs in Los Angeles and collaborated in the vibrant community of Nashville. In 2019, Mackenna was asked to open for Kelly Clarkson in the CHOC Children’s Hospital of Orange County’s Annual Gala. Mackenna has performed in many gigs in Nashville, sharing her voice with the community around her. She has recently graduated as a songwriting major and has finished recording her first single, “Christmas Together.”

"It was also during her recovery period after her knee surgeries that Swann began to write songs. She says that she, “wrote many songs during that time that came from a very deep place and are the foundation of the songs I write as an artist today. The pain that I went through during that time has made me want to be an artist of substance, to give inspiration to those who go through pain of their own.”

- Staff Writer, Belmont University News & Media

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